Los Angeles House Legend DJ Steve Loria .


Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip – The Abstract And The Dragon (Mixtape)



Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip “The Abstract And The Dragon” Release Date, Cover Art & Mixtape.



Radii PhotoPlay – A Look at club Unity.

Radii PhotoPlay interviews orlando fenderson of club unity and discusses past shows ,good vibes and the return of unity.


The Return Of Club Unity !



Hip Hop Is Not Dead It Moved To Charlotte – Forever FC

Radii sits down with charlottes very own forever Fc check it out.

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Radii PhotoPlay Kool Keith – Back 2 Basics Interview.

Radii launches photoplay a exclusive look at  artist profiles,interviews,behind the scenes and commentary . we sit down with kool keith and sets the record straight about tim dog and future projects check it out .

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Radii exclusive look at ” Back 2 Basics fest “

Radii gives you a exclusive look inside at back 2 basics fest 2013 with some of the best hip hop acts like the pharcyde ,del the funky homosapien,kool keith,dilated peoples,sage francis and many more!



Back To Basics .

Not doing anything this weekend then check out back to basics fest  in santa ana california at the observatory in orange county  only 32 bucks a ticket check it out.back2basics !

Beats Rymes And Life – Clear Soul Forces

How do you put into words the deftness, terse punctuality of four distinct individuals who’s vibrant vocals collide and sonically produce frequency’s not measurable by roygbiv, all to intertwine over illuminating instrumentals forging a single force that hits you where your soul is? You listen…
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